Our new drive-thru equipment, ATM and night depository are installed at the back of the building and operational.

The parking lot has been refinished and new front doors installed. The exterior of the building is still in progress with new stonework being applied. Inside the building, the old floor and wallpaper in the lobby have been removed.

The walls in the new addition will be put up next week. We are still waiting for the new teller counters along with the walls, bathroom, ceiling, lights, and floors being replaced in the lobby.

THANK YOU forĀ  your patience! We are doing what we can to limit your inconvenience and truly appreciate you working through this with us. We hope you love the new look and will keep you posted as to the progress.

Please know that we will need to close when the computers are being installed. We will post the closings on Facebook and here on the website as soon as we have a date.